Managing Director Martin Steininger is a designer, mastermind and above all: minimalist. Clear lines, luxurious details and subtle colours characterise his architecture, interiors, luxury kitchens and furniture. He accentuates his creations with materials such as concrete brut, natural stone, exquisite woods and rare metal alloys. This creates a new kind of room experience, haptics and sensuality. He does not believe in the primacy of function over form:

"Aesthetics is function: it helps make things around us practical. The fact that they are perfectly made makes them precious. The fact that it likes, does not always have rationally explainable reasons and therefore makes it desirable. "

He remains consistently true to this maxim and the success proves him right: Interiors made by STEININGER are in international demand and his designs won several awards.  

STEININGER draws his inspiration from nature, art and architecture. His role models are Adolf Loos, Josef Hofmann, Walter Gropius and Achille Castiglioni. He was also influenced by the minimalist Donald Judd. As creative director Martin Steininger designs everything himself, preferably with pen and paper. This is how he lets his first ideas mature. Finally, unmistakable interiors and striking, almost monumental unique pieces emerge. 


If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Martin Steininger.
Do you want to talk to the chief designer in person? Then please arrange an exclusive webcall via Skype. 


You can find a short portrait of STEININGER on vimeo.com.

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