Unforgettable design statement with a smart touch, now in "LUXURY BLACK EDITION".

What a view: the award-winning kitchen has a new look. The FOLD Luxury Black is a spectacular kitchen design made of black steel with a distinctive,
curving shape.
Its contours bring to mind an origami artwork made of folded paper, hence the name. Despite its powerful presence, the stylishly sculptured set-up seems to float. The kitchen is precision-tailored using a computer-based process, then finished by hand. Opening up the elegant units, kitchen users will find generous storage space and a number of practical features.
The FOLD combines minimalist perfectionism with full-scale digital connectivity, with the M.POD providing both a work surface and an integrated 32-inch touchscreen that connects kitchen and home. It is an all-in-one digital cookbook, shopping planner and entertainment centre par excellence. The specially hardened and optically bonded safety glass can withstand all the demands of a kitchen worktop.

Talk about FOLD

In creating FOLD, designer and architect Martin Steininger successfully managed to subdue the age-old power of metal. As he himself points out: “Character can be formed, but never bent.” With FOLD, it almost feels as if he has created his own masterpiece. What goes into producing such a striking kitchen design?


What attracted you to this particular material and form?

“I’m interested in precious materials. Tombac is a wonderful material.
It takes on patina and so tells its own story. And then I wondered, how could this be formed? You can cut, tilt, fold and weld brass. This is exactly what we have done. It should look unique, whilst also remaining functional.” 

Steininger.Designers has reached another milestone with M.POD. How did this ambitious smart concept come about?
“The kitchen is a social space in every home, where people come together to cook, chat, drink and be merry. It’s where the best parties take place. In those situations, things can get difficult when you’re wanting to read a recipe or turn up the music and you have to muddle through the breadcrumbs and spilt milk on the iPad. So we’ve improved it, made it bigger and made some changes to ensure it’s as kitchen-friendly as possible. The M.POD is a touch panel and an indestructible work surface that defies kitchen dirt. Plus, integrated turntables turn the kitchen into a disco.” 

Who is the FOLD intended for?
“People with a passion and a love for detail. People who like to be surrounded by aesthetic, high-quality and long-lasting things.
This kitchen will enchant people who take delight in form and materiality.”

 What do you have “folded away”, or planned? 
The FOLD will be coming out in different metal and alloy versions.
This will be another exciting development, as each material has its own unique character.”