Pure designed by
Martin Steininger

Purist monolithic kitchen island
with revolving herb bed.

With the PURE kitchen model, the name says it all. The monolithic island unit impresses with its clear and precise style. The integrated solid wood table and stainless steel revolving herbs bed are not only functional elements, but also allow PURE's surface materials to come alive – particularly in combination with concrete.

Concrete kitchen

PURE can be manufactured using concrete with a thickness of just 8 mm. Concrete is heat-resistant and food-safe, as if made for use in the kitchen – but was extremely difficult to work with. We invested a lot of time and expertise into working with this unusual material: getting from the initial idea through development to production took more than a year. We developed a procedure that allowed us to make the concrete so thin that it was light enough but not brittle, and maintain its interesting surface texture with its fine cracks and bubbles.


As one would expect from the unusual outer skin of the PURE unit, its top-quality interior is made of stainless steel and the finest wood. Reduction down to the essentials and visual order are part of the concept.



no kitchen
at all.