Penthouse N

Design: steininger.designers, Photos: Catherine Roider

A residential representative building of the 1870 Viennese aristocracy, now became an exquisite townhouse. The "Am Kaiserforum" duplex roof is an object of exceptional prestige for STEININGER.


It doesn't matter if you let the day fade into the living room or organize a colourful barbecue on the roof terrace, you'll surely enjoy a magnificent view of the Vienna city centre. The furniture, has been positioned so that the view over the roofs of Vienna is as free as possible. During planning, big considerations were given to the light and existing visual axes in the room. If you're in the kitchen, the view of the kitchen cabinet WALL in smoked oak and the SLIM kitchen island in black brushed aluminium. The most popular design lamps and seats made of light fabric are combined. Accessories such as handmade crockery, selected room fragrances and high-quality linen duvet covers complete the effect of the room.

Lay: Vienna, Austria