The flying cube

Designer Martin Steininger meets friends and personalities from business,  creative and design scene. Entertaining conversations and exciting interviews with characters who couldn't be more different and yet have a lot in common; Everyone with passion for architecture & design!

In Episode Two, Martin Steininger meets the creative duo from Kramer & Kramer: Bernhard Kramer and Joachim Hirzi. The two wanted a new headquarters for their landscaping and horticultural company. ”Our clear idea was to create a building based on the model of Mies van der Rohe that in 30 years' time will still exude this simplicity and specialty and I think it has been very successful!“ says CEO Bernhard Kramer.

The only major architectural intervention is tough: the designer placed a semi-flying construction, a glass cube on top of the old building, creating a generally enthusiastic skyscraper feel.

Look for yourself!