New Ronald McDonald children's help house Salzburg

STEININGER interior concept for a temporary home.

With the support of STEININGER alongside many supporters and donors, the Ronald McDonald Children's Aid built another Ronald McDonald Children's Aid House in Austria, where families with their seriously ill can move in and find a temporary home during the hospital treatment.


The new building is located on the grounds of the Salzburg Campus LKH University Hospital, right next to the children's center and offers 16 apartments for families. The modern new building is a place of peace and security. Because in order to get well, seriously ill children need one thing above all: being close to their family.


"The new house offers his protégés peace & quiet and at the same time a place to recharge their batteries. We are very happy that we can make this space available to the families," explains house manager Andrea Hofer.


"We are delighted that we were able to help shape this project. For the interior, we focused on simple elegance and, above all, on warm, natural materials. We wanted to give a place of encounter additional warmth, people should feel safe and secure". says CEO & chief designer Martin Steininger


"The retreat options also speak simple, almost calm design languag "families should be able to find peace and relaxation," adds Martin Steininger.


"We are very happy about the great willingness and donation from the Salzburg people and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. The demand from the families is big and so it is particularly nice for us to know that we can help many more people today, than it was possible in the past," says Karin Schmidt, director of Kinderhilfe.


Facts about the Ronald McDonald Children's Aid House in Salzburg: The state of Salzburg has made land available to the childcare company. The new building and ongoing operations are financed 100% from donations. Donations covers not only the maintenance of existing, but also  the construction of new children's aid house.
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