Designers Walk: Episode five

Beetroot is the better meat

Designer Martin Steininger meets friends, and business personalities from the creative & design scene. Entertaining conversations and emotional interviews with characters who couldn't be more different and yet have a lot in common. The burning for one's own cause and the passion for architecture & design!


Gourmet cuisine in the province! In the Mühltalhof, Philip Rachinger, who has won several awards, cooks creatively and at full throttle. "One who swims very strongly against the tide, against what one would expect and thus creates a whole new quality!"


That's what Martin Steininger says when he meets the “provocative” star chef in his restaurant 'Ois' to exchange ideas. The two men have known each other for a long time. And artistic standards are to both very important in their work. We see what else connects the two men in Episode five.