Block designed by
Martin Steininger

Sculptural block island
made of stone.
Fig.: Quartz stone

BLOCK is an island solution. It is characterised by its layered blocks with drawers on both sides. Base elements are created with 1, 2 or 3 axes, whilst the worktop element has 2 or 3 axes. Another key characteristic is the thin framing all around the elements, which protrudes slightly (2 cm) beyond the fronts. BLOCK is made up of clearly defined elements clad in leather-effect or shiny stone surfaces. The stone worked with is large-sized but with a thickness of less than 8 mm, making it possible to use this extraordinary material for units without the entire object becoming too heavy.


The interior of the cuboid-shaped, squarely offset kitchen elements delivers just what the sophisticated, smooth, monochrome exterior promises: top-quality real dark wood combined with real wood and stainless steel divisions. The modules are available in different sizes and provide for a plethora of variations when planning an individual kitchen. With tempting generosity and a warm feel, the kitchen furniture takes on a new status in the room. The modular flexibility of the individual elements means that they can be organised in any desired configuration, yet still offer plenty of room thanks to their intelligent space-saving design. Monolithic and confident, without handles or any other frivolity, these units become a sculpture in the room. Reduction down to the essentials and visual order are part of the concept.



Martin Steininger

Designer, Vienna/Austria

Designer Martin Steininger explains that stone was chosen as the material for BLOCK thanks to its highly resilient nature and ability to cope easily with all challenges in a kitchen.


Stone can withstand extreme strain, and does not lose its unmistakeable appearance as a natural material. In addition to this, it is food-safe, hygienic and easy to clean, as well as highly heat-resistant in its natural form. Artificial stone can also be used as an alternative to a real stone surface.


"We place great emphasis on perfectly functioning detail solutions that are designed with great care and quality. Even the mounts and fittings work perfectly in our stone kitchen; we have optimised the weight of the fronts by designing the stone to be so thin."

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at all.