Fold designed by
Martin Steininger

Brass Tombac
4000 x 750 x 925 mm
500 kg

An iconic kitchen block that seems to float. A geometric self-contained body that takes back its power, but not its presence. Puristic intensity paired with perfect functionality. The design language is reminiscent of Origami, the art of paper folding.

Character can be formed, but never bent.
With FOLD, Martin Steininger has managed to tame the archaic power of metal. He lets it retreat into its vehemence, leaving the stage to the purist elegance. A specially selected, computer-based production technology shapes the metal into a fascinating kitchen object with millimetre accuracy. The precisely prepared alloys are completed by hand.


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FOLD "tombak"

FOLD "black"

The equipment - functional and unique
With FOLD, Steininger stages the kitchen in its usual way, as a sculptural object. Someone would think that the function follows the form, but actually, the form knows how to conceal the function. Behind the purist aesthetics, there are smooth technical refinements and exciting details. FOLD is crafted by hand, tailored to each client and equipped with the highest level of comfort.



Movie: Florian Hofer / Music: Darius Edlinger