Slim designed by
Martin Steininger

Elegant, airy,
light kitchen island.
Fig.: Aluminium

The SLIM kitchen fully follows the trend of using extraordinary materials in the kitchen. The unit block and cupboard element are fully clad in anodised aluminium. The aim was to produce an even more robust and long-lasting surface. The outer skin of SLIM consists of 3 mm thick, massive aluminium. The newly developed folding technology, is used on flat surfaces and also around corners. The aluminium parts are processed with engineering precision.

Design in detail

Traditional Austrian workmanship comes into effect in the carefully crafted wine racks and the unusual sliding mechanism of the cooking islands. The solid cooking island looks as though it has been cast in one piece, but the part with the gas hob can be slid open with a gentle push, revealing a drawer with cutlery and spices. This means that utensils and ingredients are always at hand, yet neatly stored away.