Villa R

Design: steininger.designers; Photos: steininger.designers; Vitaly Riesler

“You are the creator of our fantastic home! We would not change anything!" These laurels have been earned by STEININGER team for planning and implementation of a global project in Moscow. With over 2000 m² of living space, Villa R is one of the pioneers in private housing. A purist-modern house has been created, retaining a welcoming character despite its spaciousness, different areas with elaborate access routes contribute to this, there are scenarios room for family, friends, guests, staff and children. The meeting point and the heart of the villa is the cosy sofa area in front of the fireplace and the surrounding kitchen-dining room. A home designed by STEININGER leaves room for the personal touches of its inhabitants. At Villa R, rooms and walls are adorned with colourful art objects.

Lay : Moscow, Russia
Living Space : 2000 m²
Completion : 2019