Villa WA

Design: steininger.designers, Architecture: Oberstaller Sammer Architekten

In the hilly vineyards of Lower Austria there is a successful symbiosis of Architecture and interior design - with an eye for the essentials. Two striking white levels, as well as the unusually curved floor plan determine this architectural appearance of the family house. The challenge for the designers of STEININGER lay in this, this particular Let architectural language live on in interior design. There was a small one Masterpiece - a curved concrete room divider that cuts through the central living spaces on the ground floor pulls. This complex shape divides the space without giving it its light-flooded To take openness. Custom-made furniture, such as the pure white island BLOCK with associated high cabinet WALL, as well as the square dining table PLUS TABLE, come from the Manufactory STEININGER. Villa W is thus a prime example of a coherent overall concept, in the interior and exteriorOutdoor area to become a unit.

Lay : Lower Austria