Rock around the block

A Kitchen That Does It All!

The BLOCK is a 365-degree kitchen among design kitchens and is used creatively and 'misappropriately' as a representative functional design element in the reception area of a hotel, as a communication centre in the award-winning restaurant or representatively in the entry of the company headquarters. 
And of course, also quite classically as a luxury kitchen in your own four walls. The BLOCK simply rocks!

Sculpture in the room

With inviting generosity and a warm atmosphere, this unique kitchen takes on a new status in the room. The desired configuration can be achieved thanks to the modular flexibility of the individual elements. The clever design saves space and offers plenty of room for atmosphere. Handles free, sleek, monolithic and self-confident, the kitchen becomes a sculpture in the room. The interior keeps what the velvety and monochromatic exterior promises.
The square elements offset at right angles are combined with dark genuine wood and stainless-steel elements. The modules are available in different sizes and allow numerous variations for custom design.


We invited Martin Steininger to an exclusive interview to find out what's behind the concept of the 356 degrees kitchen. 


How would you describe BLOCK in brief?

The BLOCK is a sculptural block island made of stone, a modern island kitchen in its purest form. 



What exactly makes this model so special?

It is characterized by blocks positionated on top of each other, each of which has drawers on both sides. The basic elements are made with 1, 2 or 3 axes, the working element with 2 and 3 axes.



Characteristic of the unusual kitchen island is the absolute framing of the elements?

Yes, this is written thinly and stands 2 cm above the fronts. 
The elements are clearly defined with leather-like finish stone or shiny surfaces.



Stone objects often seem very cumbersome, not so the BLOCK?

Yes, the entire object radiates lightness due to its low strength. We process large-format stones with less than 8 mm thickness where for this we use a specially developed production technology.



CEO & Chefdesigner Martin Steininger