Design awards: "Folding expressly desired"

What a start of the year: STEININGER received two prizes for their FOLD luxury kitchen. The renowned juries from the German Design Awards and Iconic Awards, recognized the striking appearance and technical sophistication of the design: the design of the brass kitchen block is based on the art of Japanese paper folding. 


FOLD is Martin Steininger’s great success. The sculptural luxury brass kitchen has earned one award after another: In 2019, he got the Archiproducts Design Awards and the RedDot Award and at the beginning of 2020 another win-win with the German Design Award and the Iconic Awards If the prizes had been awarded within a year, the designer would have won the industry's Grand Slam. It doesn't matter, because the awards are overall outstanding, just like the design and function of FOLD. What the monumental kitchen island has to do with origami and why both are a revolution of their time, you can read in this story.


There is a red thread running through all the juries' reasonings, which, in summary, are something like this: "The striking folding look gives the kitchen a unique aesthetic that makes it distinctive - a modern and at the same time minimalist design concept consistently implemented down to the last detail. Exclusivity and extravagance are expressed on a high creative level.” So far, so good, so true. But now, there are a few insights into the development of the art of folding by STEININGER - and that of paper.

The Austrian manufactory has already received several awards for its special twist in 2019. The next chapter of the sculptural design kitchen has already opened: in spring, the FOLD will be launched as a Luxury Black Edition.
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INSIGHT STEININGER: With our blog article, we provide insights into the origins of FOLD, investigate the origins of origami and explain why folding is an art and science.
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