Design District 2019


From October 4 to 6, 2019, one of Austria's largest lifestyle fairs took place in Vienna this year. The entire city center turned 3 autumn days to the design stronghold.
STEININGER presented its current architectural models and the award-winning kitchen "FOLD" in the Vienna Hofburg.

Dominic Heinzl and Rainer Pariasek did not miss the chance to interview the designer in order to find out all the details about the FOLD, the style and the quality are unmistakable.
Contemporary, high-quality and modern concepts through many years of experience speak themselves for the company.
The team, under the direction of Martin Steininger, once again held many architectural talks this year.

The design blog, where also STEININGER invited to expert discussions, attracted visitors to the theme of design, real estate and architecture in the Hofburg.

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