DIA DESIGN Intelligence Award

A personal award of the head designer

Mastermind & head designer Martin Steininger earned the Honourable Mention Award for the design of the luxury kitchen FOLD – this award took place at the DIA DESIGN Intelligence Awards in Milan.


What are the ingredients to receive this special honour? An iconic kitchen block equipped with a high-end technique. At first glance, this technological particularity is invisible; however, you will recognise its existence at the very first use. Furthermore, owners of this kitchen can use a 32-inch touchpad, which allows them to control all the smart functions in a simple and intuitive way. It represents the interface of an all-in-one solution with a digital recipe book, the involvement of artificial intelligence, an additional operation panel, and several entertainment apps. All these aspects allow the kitchen to become established as the heart of the home. Et Voilà!


Thoughts of innovation, form, and function inspire – both our customers as well as the renowned jury.