Need for speed

STEININGER venture onto the water! In the design study for Frauscher's Gentlemen's Racer, Martin Steininger redesigned the interior and the outer shell: striking lines and minimal luxury design, manifest the athletic character of the 1017 SNGR. The material and shape of the award-winning speedboat have been optimized: The V shaped hull silhouette is now even more elegant and sharp. The subtle anthracite paint going from gray to medium gray, underlines the elegance. Let the wind blow you around your nose at 60 knots for pure adrenaline!


We asked what Martin Steininger was fascinated about by motorboats and yachts and where was his direction.

Martin, how did start the collaboration with Frauscher?
"In 2018 they invited us to give a facelift to the interiors and exterior of the 1017 GT. The motorboat is still the heart of the Frauscher model fleet.”


What inspires you?
"Design is omnipresent and I am particularly fascinated by the aesthetic of boats and yachts. It has something so elegant! In addition, user requirements in terms of equipment, technology and comfort are special. I like this and we are currently working hard on it.


There are certain rules in boat building. What does a designer have to consider?
Frauscher mainly develops models itself and has years of experience. They are highly professional in all areas of boat building. It is important for us as designers to understand all of the physical requirements in order to create something new.


What are the challenges for you and your team?
"Combining elegance with high-end technology and functionality while maintaining the recognition value of the Frauscher brand. Less is more, quiet, unobtrusive curves for more power in the rear. There is a saying that says “The wolf in sheep's clothing." 


The kitchens ROCK.AIR and FOLD make their big appearances on the yacht projects. What needs to be considered?
"The materials and the associated mechanical components have to withstand the loads caused by salt water, wind, storms and swellings. Moving parts have to be fixed and much more. The polished stainless steel for ROCK.AIR is manufactured in an alloy suitable for salt water. Our clients benefit from this from our many years of experience. FOLD is used in the boat’s interiors. The beautiful surfaces made of non-ferrous metals refine every ship design…". 

Boat / Yachtdesign


What's the next plan for yachting? 
"We are currently working for several boat owners and manufacturers and we are designing interiors for yachts and superyachts. These include kitchens, bars and BBQ in particular. The topic caught my attention and I am currently developing a new concept made by Steininger. But first I gain experience: I have already successfully completed it My master's license, next comes the coastal patent. Who knows what dream I will fulfill then... "