Yacht Interiors

Design: steininger.designers


What happens when STEININGER and shipyards initiate joint projects? A triple win in a class! Companies are gaining momentum. And for lovers of the upscale lifestyle, yacht cruising is becoming more exquisite. But one after another...


"We first redesigned the interior and exterior of the Frauscher Gentlemen‘s Racer as part of a design study. Now we are taking maritime interior design to a new level of luxury. We are currently working with several partners on the design of new yachts and superyachts models," explains Martin Steininger, chief designer of the premium brand for architecture, interior and kitchen design. It is planned to use the ROCK.AIR outdoor kitchen on the deck and the award-winning FOLD indoors.

As an architectural statement for purists, ROCK.AIR has repeatedly proven its practical suitability in the outdoor area. Steininger is now setting the next milestone with the seawater version of the kitchen. For this, the polished stainless steel made in a special alloy. This means that all materials and surfaces can withstand the stresses of salt water, wind, storms and waves. Movable parts of the kitchen are fixed, water and electricity connections are perfectly planned. A BBQ on deck under the open sky, nothing stands in the way, even in rough seas.


Steininger equips the interior of yachts with the FOLD. The sculptural and multi-award-winning kitchen with its surfaces made of non-ferrous metals such as brass sets shiny highlights. Everything becomes smart with the interactive touchpad M.POD. The digital control center with access to the Internet and entertainment controls all multi-functions. The bar opens electrically, just like the impressive cooktop. Of course, the fridge is also standard. A "shaken drink, not stirred" gets a completely different taste in this classy ambience ...

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