Apartment H

Design: STEININGER, Photos: Catherine Roider, Text: Ute Latzke

Scaling the heights of design

The sparrow tends to its chicks under the roof, yippee, so the German folk song goes. But it's a different story when it comes to extending an attic floor of the apartment in Vienna's sixth district. The architect has excelled himself here and transformed the construction site into a stylish penthouse with terrace. The spacious accommodation measuring over 100m²  and flooded with light is nothing like a nest. All thanks to the open floor plan, light parquet flooring and the white walls, furniture and fittings. This spacious home now provides the owners with the perfect setting to welcome their frequent guests. The kitchen and fitted cupboards are all that's missing to make everything perfect. STEININGER will finish off the interior with the BLOCK island and the WALL cupboards.

Lay : Vienna
Living Space : 100m²
Completion : 2021

The creative designers at STEININGER face the constant challenge of how to conceive and plan exclusive interior designs and interior fittings. And it's ultimately what makes the job so appealing! But this time, logistics posed the biggest challenge, forcing them to figure out how to get the solid BLOCK and WALL components into the attic. The winding staircase was a non-starter; the parts wouldn't fit into the tiny lift either. So that just left a crane and having to close off the road! All of which quickly irritated local residents, inconvenienced passers-by, and excited everyone involved in the project. Yet in the end everything ran like clockwork, everything was there, and work could start on installing and assembling it all.  


Several days' work later, with the final adjustments and finishing touches made, everything was in place. The puristic BLOCK with white surfaces slots in perfectly with the overall picture. The fitted cupboards with their matt aluminium fronts enhance the look. Useful features such as backlit shelves and highlights such as grey brushed recessed handles and edges subtly catch the eye. The solid fittings with cooker and fridge also form a partition. Everything in the loft-style penthouse with its long visual axes is perfectly in place. Wherever you are, your gaze is drawn instinctively through the window – up to the sky and across the rooftops of Vienna. The entire interior concept demonstrates once more that less is simply better!